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Japan: A Summary

The Japanese endured an earthquake, a tsunami, overheating nuclear reactors, power outages and a snow storm.
Now, the Daily Wail are whinging on that the Japanese could have handled the situation better, coming from an excuse for a newspaper that has nothing better to do than moan about wheelie bins and the Labour Government (even though they are no longer in power).

In the UK, instead of being led away crying, the heid honcho would have screwed everyone but himself at the soonest opportunity, while salivating over the size of his bonus. The Daily Wail would then have found a way to blame it on Tony Blair.

VERDICT: Daily Fail.
See what happens when you get me going?

BBC presenter opens mouth, Wail readers go ape:

BBC presenter says people should make less babies in order to save the planet. Mail readers think this is a good idea as long as it is only applied to other people. Of course, it’s all new Labour’s fault.
“Immigrants are to blame” - says an "ex-pat Brit" living in Oz. Guess what that makes you mate? You are now an immigrant. But of course, you’re also a mail reader, so you thought the rules didn’t apply to you.

VERDICT: Daily Fail.

Mel Phillips: moralising with blood on her hands

Bigoted Mail hate-monger Mel Phillips seems to think that by headlining an article with "THE TRUTH", somehow makes complete and utter bollocks hold water.

We all know the (scare monger) story behind the MMR jab (I do anyway) - how a phoney study conducted by a charlatan and then heralded by a right-wing newspaper became widely absorbed as "fact". In all fairness, it wasnt Prof. Plum’s phoney study that did the damage (the intransigence of science would have seen the false data debunked), it was dear old Mel’s scaremongering mail article that did the real damage.

"He has been mocked, denounced and driven from his job. To the medical and political establishment, he is an outcast and an enemy" - yes Mel, because he made up stuff and published it as fact (remind you of anyone?).

Now, thanks to you Mel, parents opted their children OUT of jabs that prevent diseases - and now we’ve had the first death from measles in a very long time. I hope you’re happy Mel. Two giant footsteps back for humanity - and all from someone who claims to be "concerned about the kids".

Verdict: Daily Fail.

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Small business owners should be allowed to flout the law, apparently…

I have just opened my new business: I own a pub called “The Arse and Twat”.
I refused to serve this geezer because I didn’t like his hair color, and now I’m being sued.
But it’ OK though, I run the pub from my house, so I’m allowed to disobey the law.

Back in normal land, a couple who run a B&B should apparently be allowed an exemption from the law - because it is run from their house.

Yes, it’s their own house - but the minute they chose to run it as a business, they chose to comply with UK business regulations and therefore the law.
Of course, some people think they are above the law. This is the same sect of sheeple that squeal "double standards" should anyone else do exactly what they do.

Whenever readers of a certain so-called newspaper (for want of a better word) get wind of equal rights for downtrodden minorities, the aforementioned readers somehow manage to come to the conclusion that said minorities are being given "special rights", obviously confusing the words "equal" and "special". When the wind changes direction, it is the same bunch of whiners that then demand special rights outright.

"Is it right to persecute a harmless old couple for staying true to their faith?" (Glover, MailOnline, 2011).
You are not being "persecuted", you broke the law. One minute you’re all up in arms over how prison sentencing is too light, then you’re whinging when you’re in the red. Couple that with the fact that "the trouble-causing homos" should be more accepting of pick-n-mix bible-bashing morons who want to brutally murder them legally.

"The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline". In the words of Russell Howard, "Oh, but they do really".

For the money these so-called "Christians" have spent vilifying minorities, they could have vaccinated children against diseases, fed the homeless etc - that would have been far more "Christian" of them …

When the story first broke, it was "Christian Couple" and "Gay Pair", now it is being reported as "Gay couple" - after a few complaints to the seemingly independent PCC.

daily wail backtrack
Backtracking and hate stirring anyone?

See what I mean?

daily mail gay homophobe
Eh right pal.

Verdict: Daily Heil.

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Frankie Boyle should be banned, apparently

Free speech is only for Daily Wail readers, no-one else. Especially not Frankie Boyle.

Richard Littlejohn (the man with “many gay friends”):
I’m a Mail reader, and I hate wind turbines.
They make the place look ugly
They’re dangerous
They’re inefficient

There won’t be a world to make ugly in a few years time at this rate.
If you think a wind turbine going wrong is scary, type "Chernobyl" into Google.

If we don’t put serious effort into developing renewables, the Japanese will come along and do just that (I’m not complaining here), then Apple will buy it and make it in China, then sell it back to us for ten times the price (called an iSomething) - only for the Wail readers to whinge on about how it’s “all nu liebores fault that we moaned about it in the first place!!!!”. ahem.

Verdict: Daily Wail.