Welcome to Stevie C and the place to be (dot) net


Welcome to the home of Stevie C and The Place To Be…
(Now both the same thing after the operation).

Please note, this part of the site now holds legacy status: the markup will be modernized, however, all content shall not be updated and left for people to view my stuff from the early days.

My site used to be run for fun, and still is, however it is now used as my online CV.
The content on these pages is from my days at school, and from when I was messing around with HTML in the early days.
I can still offer movies, music clips, pictures, games, fictional writing and general stuff - you’ve still come to the right place!

You can head on over to my Main Website / CV where you can download my music and keep up-to-date with my academic stuff.

Below is some more random stuff, at least until I get my modem online again.

Your hero revealed:

  1. Think of a number between 1 & 9
  2. Now multiply it by 3
  3. Now add 3 to it
  4. Now multiply it by 3 again
  5. Now you should have a 2-digit number
  6. Add the 2 digits together - this will reveal your hero

Click here to match your score to your hero

There’s Only One Bruce Carmichael!

Despite what the likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN et al say, there is in fact only one

In other news, I hope you enjoyed National Toaster Month


Dates for your diary:

24th January
National Gonk Day
Month of March
National Toaster Month (America/Canada)
Month of July
National Toaster Month (UK)

National Gonk Day is typically celebrated by frequenting one’s local drinking establishments (watering holes, pubs, clubs, boozers, gay-bars etc) and getting legless (gassed, steamin’, fu’, blootered, pished, bladdered, gazeboed, hammered, w***ered etc) and celebrating The Gonk (not those little puppet things).

National Toaster Month is celebrated by going round to your mates’ house with a loaf of bread and using their toaster to make toast. This is symbolic of the fact that all toasters are different and each will make different qualities and styles (and therefore tastes) of toast - with your bread and their toaster. This tradition is carried out all throughout March and July and embraces the co-operation between friends.

Did You Know…

 •Each politician produces 114.47 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year by speaking?

 •Typing out "http://www.steviecandtheplacetobe.net" can provide 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000025%
of your daily recommended amount of excercise?

 •100% of all smokers die while 100% of all non-smokers die?

 •The revolving “New Scotland Yard” sign has a 12 kW motor?